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This is the website of my small professional Labrador Retriever kennel. The site is very diversified with different menu’s allowing you to get a good impression of everything that is happening at Old Averest. The site contains interesting articles, my breeding program along with many pictures. This site enables you to get an impression as to what my objectives and motives are in producing breed typical Labrador Retrievers. We breed according to the rules and regulations of the Dutch Labrador Retriever Club (Nederlandse Labrador Vereniging) and the guidelines of the Dutch Kennel Club.

                                                                                           With Labradorable Greetings, Gina


Our gang September 2017

1. Gina de la Tour Farmina
Treasure 13092015kleiner

2. Old Averest Toulouse
Toulouse Kopstudie 06

3. Old Averest Valerie - Daisy
0002 Daisy hoofd adorable

4. Old Averest a Bunch of Flowers - Jane
Kopstudie Jane 02 kl

5. Dress to Impress American Revolution
Kopstudie Donna 01

6. Power Point Bella Mare - Dexter our Boy

A Dexter Kopstudie 3


Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason.
How happy can you be when you walk with your biggest friend through the 
forests and fields in the sunlight and the fragrance of flowers and pinewood in your nose.

I am very pleased that we have welcomed our new Lady:
Hilldream's Lady Styled to Pleasy 
Thanks a lot to mrs Annelie Spronk for the trust in me to have this lovely Lady.

Eyes clear of Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason, Hurrey again for Jason.

A new site to find all we want to know about retrieverkennels.


Yesterday we took Sirius with us to the golfcourse. We got a lot of attention and compliments for this beautiful dog!

It was a lovely day in late September with a beautiful result at the Clubmatch of the Dutch Labrador Club. Old Averest Princess Elena Dolores and Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason were in the showring today. 

The result of Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason:
20 month old, strong yellow. good strong head, strong neck, good topline, 
good ottertail. Stifle is good, deep chested dog, good in heigth. He is a good mover.
Excellent, second placed!

The result of Old Averest Princess Elena Dolores:
4 year old black in super condition, lovely head, good neck, shoulders, topline.
Excellent tail and tailset, good turn of stifle, short coupled, deep chested, good front angulation. Moved well.

Judge mr. Martin O'Donnoghue and Old Averest Princess Elena Dolores


We had some very nice days lately it felt like summer.

Old Averest Labradors showed very well today at the Dutch Championship 
Old Averest Princess Elena Dolores, 3e placed Open Class Excellent
Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason, 6e placed, Yought males Excellent
Old Averest Yen-Fly Anastacia, Excellent
Thanks to Benjamin and Joost!

The results:

Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason:
Powerfully build yellow with plenty of bone and substance. Head rather strong. Good pigment. Nicely placed ears. Good reacht of neck and a very good mover. Excellent

Old Averest Yen-Fly Anastacia:
A yellow bitch of very good size and type. Good pigmentation good body for her age. Good bone. Moves Okey. Would like to see a bit more coat on her.

Old Averest Princess Elena Dolores:
Very nice head. Great eye colour. Feminine all over. Good reach of neck and wellplaced shoulders. Nice ton of stifle. Moves soundley. Good tail action.
Excellent, 3e placed Open Class

Hips and elbows of Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason and Old Averest Yen-Fly Anastacia are A and free! I am very happy with these results of my self-bred dogs.

Old Averest Yen-Fly Jason is placed 3e Excellent at the Internationale Championship The Winner in Amsterdam in the Youthclass.